In bed with leadership

What would you say if I told you that your sexuality and sex life have a direct impact on your ability to lead?

Crazy, isn’t it!?!?

After all, what does the most private part of your life got to do with leading?

More than you may think!

Leadership, as I define it, is born from the ability to connect to your deepest Essence and bring it to life.

Essence, the very core of your being, is the unique combination of all the life forces that keep you alive.

Sex is one such life force and, one could argue, one of the most important.

What makes it such an important one, notwithstanding the fact that we all exist because of a sexual act, is the fact that anything sex-related is often taboo, shameful or guilt ridden. As a consequence, we bottle it up, we hide it, we repress and ignore it.

All life forces, however, have a way to come to surface - one way or another - and when they do, they have an impact.

Most individuals experience some kind of sexual issue at some point in their lives. It could be anything, from very small and transient, to very big and permanent. Whatever the case, when this happens, it has a big impact on those individuals.

If you have experienced one such situation personally, cast your mind back to it. How did you feel about the situation? How did it impact your intimate relationships, your social interactions or your performance at work?

It would be difficult, if not near impossible, to bring one’s Essence to life, if an important part of it has to remain hidden, repressed or ignored.

Be in your Essence, embrace your sexuality and be whoever you are. You’ll have the best chance to be the leader you can be.

Celebrate sexuality in its infinite forms.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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