How to change your life, without giving your job up.

Like many of us, Mr Peg was born with a unique set of “ingredients”. Like many of us, Mr Peg spent most of its formative years complying and adapting to someone else’s script. Is it any surprise that years down the line Mr Peg asks his coach, “I have achieved everything, I have everything, why do I feel so empty?” Is it any surprise that years down the line Mr Peg asks his counsellor, “I am a responsible husband and a caring father, why do I feel so suffocated by my relationship?” If you can relate to Mr Peg’s story, it is likely you have something inside that is yearning to come to life. The Essence model I presented at my TED talk is the framework I have used to change my life, and the one I use today to help my clients move their lives to the next level. Some want to unlock career and leadership opportunities, others come to rediscover the power and beauty of their relationships. Regardless of their reasons, all my clients learn how to reconnect to their Essence to live a fuller life, and share meaning with those who matter. "Hold on a second, I can't just drop everything to live my dream life. I can’t do that. I have a mortgage, school fees and many other commitments I need to honour.” This is the most frequent rebuttal I get initially, when talking about rediscovering and reconnecting to our Essence. My clients learn that living a life that is congruent with our Essence does not necessarily mean dropping everything to start anew. Living in our Essence is much more than changing jobs. Living in our Essence is much more that turning our passion into a money-making machine. Living in our Essence is possible in a unique way that fits our circumstances. Learning to improve our lives is hard work, but the process we follow is simple. First, we rediscover our Essence by:

  • Gathering our personal stories and

  • Carving “You” time in our lives (just a tiny slice of the cake)

Second, we identify the relevant context by:

  • Profiling the right “Audience” and

  • Researching or creating real opportunities of belonging

And third, we learn to "Interact" meaningfully by:

  • Learning to express our real needs and

  • Acquiring the relevant tools to connect

We know that life's conditioning often disconnects us from our Essence, and we know that this tends to have negative repercussions. That's why I create the Essence model and use it in my work today. If you want to learn more about how you can also live a fuller life or be a better leader, contact me here for an exploratory conversation.

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