Leadership Consulting

Effective leadership is imperative for any organisation looking to get ahead. When you nurture strong and confident leaders, they create unlimited possibilities and enable your organisation to break new grounds. They engage your teams, effectively navigate complex organisational issues and inspire positive growth.

We help you create a leadership brand that can be integrated with everyday business activities, enhancing your leaders' performance, and your organisation's engagement.

Leadership Development

Each individual's Essence defines his or her true potential. When you reconnect to your Essence, you unlock the latent potential within. You can be a more effective leader, a more inspiring speaker, and the catalyst that makes powerful impact through your work and drive ground breaking change.


We provide you with the knowledge and strategies to identify your true potential, enabling you to take your leadership skills to the next level and enhancing your ability to deal with complex organisational issues effectively.

Executive Coaching

When you are meaningfully engaged in what you do, you enjoy a sense of fulfilment and are more motivated to achieve even greater success. Your Essence is what makes you unique, and by rediscovering your true self and abilities, the possibilities are boundless.

We help you reconnect with your Essence and carve out the career and leadership paths that you want. Build on the skills you already have and unlock astounding career and leadership opportunities.


The Wim Hof Method has helped thousands of people master their breath, master the elements, and build a strong connection between the body and mind.


Whether you are looking for a unique leadership development opportunity, a team building experience or an inspiring talk about our inner Essence, we can help you get the best out of your company, inspire stronger leadership and enhance employees engagement.

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