10 Dec 2015

What would you say if I told you that your sexuality and sex life have a direct impact on your ability to lead?

Crazy, isn’t it!?!?

After all, what does the most private part of your life got to do with leading?

More than you may think!

Leadership, as I define it, is born from the ability to connect to your deepest Essence and bring it to life.

Essence, the ve...

13 Nov 2015

Originally publishes on HRM Magazine - Sept 2015 (

Did the leadership experts get it all wrong? Have we been following the wrong advice?

It’s Monday morning; you are about to go to a meeting you would rather not attend. You know there is little you can contribute, and you are feeling despondent beca...

5 May 2014

Originally published on 'Human Resources' Magazine

Despite many corporate campaigns focusing on “people as their best assets”, the reality on the ground can often be a different story. I firmly believe businesses can be highly productive and successful – not at the expense of their employees’ well-being, but because of it.

While I see the HR specialist a...

22 Jan 2014

A brief interview with HRM Asia about Learning and Development best practices while I was at Standard Chartered.

2 Dec 2007

Originally published on The Coaching Psychologist (Passmore, J. & Marianetti, O. (2007) The role of mindfulness in coaching. The Coaching Psychologist, 3(3), 131 – 137)

In this article we explore the concept of mindfulness as a tool for helping both coaches and coachees. We argue that the coaching practice of the coach can be enhanced through using mindful...

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