“It’s too late when we die”

“It’s too late when we die”, this amazingly powerful reminder by Mike & The Mechanics seems to be topical to our modern, crazy, unnecessarily busy lives. Maybe you are the corporate employee who spends 10-12-14 hours at day in the office. Maybe you are the frustrated partner who wants space and can’t find a way to get it. Maybe you are the aspiring entrepreneur who is looking for the million-dollar idea to eventually start a business. Whoever you are, whatever your dream is START NOW!!!!!! Many of us delay the decisions that we know in our deepest of deeps we want to take. We make excuses…financial ones, familial ones, cultural, religious and physical ones. Days, weeks, months and sometimes

Reflections On Being Perfect

It’s so easy to look in the mirror and think, rightly or wrongly, that we are a failure. We are constantly judging ourselves by the standards that others have placed upon us. Wealth, body image, house location, children’s school, holiday destinations or clothing are only a few of the external factors by which we are measured and by which we measure ourselves. Those are material, and easy to spot and address. Then there are the other external expectations, the ones we internalise. They are of a different breed, and they go deep. Be a good son, an engaged employee, a hot lover, a dutiful spouse, a devout disciple, a dedicated member of the community…these are all good for what they are, but no



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