13 Feb 2017

It takes courage to sit still for a moment and look within... really look within.

I see it during my work with corporates and I see it in my counselling practice with individuals and couples.

Only few are willing to take a moment of pause and look at that part of us that we know is there, is suffering, is calling for attention, but that it is too painful to...

10 Nov 2016

With an historic election just behind us we wait with bated breath to see what the future holds.

Here is a review of the two candidates through the lenses of the Essence Leadership model.

For those new to the model, it is a simplified way to look at leadership that helps individuals and organisations create better, stronger leaders.

You can learn more watchi...

27 Sep 2016

“It’s too late when we die”, this amazingly powerful reminder by Mike & The Mechanics seems to be topical to our modern, crazy, unnecessarily busy lives.

Maybe you are the corporate employee who spends 10-12-14 hours at day in the office.

Maybe you are the frustrated partner who wants space and can’t find a way to get it.

Maybe you are the aspiring entrepren...

7 Sep 2016

It’s so easy to look in the mirror and think, rightly or wrongly, that we are a failure.

We are constantly judging ourselves by the standards that others have placed upon us. Wealth, body image, house location, children’s school, holiday destinations or clothing are only a few of the external factors by which we are measured and by which we measure ourselv...

1 Aug 2016

I wrote previously about the impact of spending a lifetime living by somebody else’s scripts.

The way this manifests into adulthood takes infinite shapes; here are a few you may recognise:

  • You know you want to do something different with your life, but you have no idea what

  • You keep jumping from job to job or country to country or relationship to r...

7 Jun 2016

There are life lessons that come to us when we least expect them.

It’s Tuesday morning, my wife left early for a business engagement, and I am on daddy duties.

It’s just after 7am and I am helping her with her bathroom routine. Unfortunately all of this is happening while she is crying uncontrollably. She misses mummy.

I tell her, “You are with daddy now. We...

27 May 2016

Are you feeling dissatisfied about your work situation? You are certainly not alone.

We are conditioned to live a passive life and to comply to other people's scripts.

But there is a way to design the life that you deserve, live in your Essence.

18 May 2016

Just recently I was having a conversation about masculine and feminine energies with someone new to the topic. The conversation was fascinating and it highlighted how confusing this topic can be.

It also reminded me of some of the cases I came across, where the masculine and the feminine were out of balance and created disruption.


Meet Mary (name change...

30 Apr 2016

Like many of us, Mr Peg was born with a unique set of “ingredients”.

Like many of us, Mr Peg spent most of its formative years complying and adapting to someone else’s script.

Is it any surprise that years down the line Mr Peg asks his coach, “I have achieved everything, I have everything, why do I feel so empty?”

Is it any surprise that years down the...

28 Mar 2016

According to the Gallup’s 2013 State of the Global Workplace report, a whopping 87% of global employees are either “checked out” or “acting out their unhappiness”.

“Not Engaged employees are essentially “checked out.” They’re sleepwalking through their workday, putting time — but not energy or passion — into their work.”


“Actively Disengaged employees are...

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